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2014 Bell 407GX Demo



Price on Application
260.9 hours
Talk to us about complimentary pilot and engineer training.
New Aircraft airframe warranty.
Doors - Jettisonable (Crew Only)
Dual Controls
Glass Cockpit - G1000 (Garmin)
High Skid Gear -w- Flitesteps
M/R Blades - High Vis
Rotor Brake
Tail Rotor Camera
Wire Strike Protection System
Aft Cabin ICS - 5 Place (Includes David Clark Headsets)
Artex C406-NHM ELT -w- PGM Adaptor
Artex C406-NHM ELT Provisions
Autopilot - 2-Axis AFCS
Aux Fuel Tank Equipment (19 Gal)
Cargo Hook Equipment & Provisions
Cockpit Storage Kit
Expanded Avionics Shelf
Headliner - Standard -w- AC Ducting
Main Rotor Blade Folding (Paravion)
Radar Altimeter - RA4500 (FreeFlight)
Traffic Avoidance System - GTS 800 TAS (Garmin)
Weather Data Link - GDL-69HA (Garmin) & XM Radio
Air Conditioner -w- Dual Forward Evaporators (Air Comm)
Baggage Floor Protector (AA)
Bleed Air Heater -w- Windshield & Chin Bubble Defrost (Air Comm)
Bulged Skylights Kit - (LH & RH gray) (AA)
Limo Tint
Carbide Heavy Duty Skid Shoes
Cockpit/Cabin Floor Protector Kit (AA)
Cyclic Grip w/ Switches for Co-Pilot (Mason)
Donaldson Inducer Vent Filter
Door Openers - Automatic - for Baggage Door (AA)
Door Openers - Automatic - for Cabin Doors (AA)
Door Openers - Automatic - for Jettisonable Crew Doors (AA)
Inlet Barrier Filter w/Access Door (AA)
Marker Beacon Antenna
Pre-Flight Kit Includes (4) Step Handles (2) Folding Maintenance
Steps or (2) Access. Steps (1) Door Retention Strap (AA)
Preflight Lighting Kit (AA)
Rubber Mounted Chin Bubbles (AA)
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