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Hawker Pacific announces the first Diamond DA42-VI aircraft to tour Australia and New Zealand

Hawker Pacific, the leading aircraft sales and product support company in Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East has today announced a demonstration tour of the new Diamond DA42-VI aircraft. Arriving in Australia this week from the Diamond Aircraft factory in Austria, the aircraft will travel around Australia and New Zealand throughout October and November where it will be demonstrated to potential buyers. The DA42-VI features increased performance and payload, a sleekly designed and improved airframe, new propellers and strengthened landing gear.  

Hawker Pacific’s Vice President, Aircraft Sales, Nick Jones said, “the Diamond DA42-VI has a number of features that set it apart from the DA42-NG. In particular, the 100 kg payload increase and the enhanced aerodynamics of the airframe, along with strengthened landing gear to accommodate it. This, combined with its improved performance, comfort and, of course, the extremely low operating cost, makes the DA42-VI a suitable choice for both private flying and flight training.”  

“The aircraft’s extended range, long endurance, advanced avionics and the astoundingly low fuel consumption of the Jet-A1-powered engine means you’ll have everything you need, and more, whatever your mission.”  

“We are excited to be bringing the DA42-VI to potential buyers in Australia and New Zealand and look forward to showcasing its impressive features, power and performance,” Mr Jones added.  

The DA42-VI is equipped with two diesel Jet-A1 fuelled engines, offering extreme fuel efficiency (total consumption, both engines, 60% power, of 39.4 lt/hr), increased range (1200 nm at 60% power) and the advantage of a more economical and available fuel source utilising the lower priced Jet-A1. The combination of the fuel efficiency and Jet-A1 translates into tremendously low operating costs with improved performance.  

Built out of light-weight, strong glass and carbon fibre and powered by two Austro Engine top-of-the-line 168 hp AE300 turbo diesel engines the DA42-VI combines all of the advantages that makes the NG so beloved amongst owner/operators while benefitting from Diamond’s commitment to innovation and the continued quality improvement of the Diamond range.  

Setting the DA42-VI apart from the DA42-NG are advanced features like the new MT 3 blade constant speed propellers, 100 kg payload increase (to 590kg), LED landing lights and updated and strengthened landing gear. Due to the aerodynamic enhancement to the airframe the DA42-VI also demonstrates significant performance increases with a maximum cruise speed of 365 km/hr (197 kts) in comparison to the NG’s maximum of 328 km/hr (177 kts).  

A Garmin G1000 glass cockpit with integrated GFC700 autopilot, EECU controlled turbo-diesel engines, and a tough composite airframe are just a few in a long list of the DA42-VI’s standard features.  

The aircraft will travel through Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia before completing its New Zealand tour.  

For further information about the aircraft and demonstration dates, contact Stephen Pembro, Diamond Aircraft Sales Executive at +61 418 212 124 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Hawker Pacific is the authorised distributor for Diamond Aircraft throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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